Khoya or Khova Making Machine

Khoya or Khova Making Machine Supplier

Milkon Heavy Engineering Co. is one of the exclusive khoya making machine manufacturers and suppliers. We also specialize in the production of other diary equipment. Situated in Pune, we have been serving customers all around the country for three decades. We are a leading company that manufactures, supplies and exports heavy duty equipment, mainly dairy making machines.

Our khoya making machines have made the process of making sweets easier and hassle free, even while preserving the traditional taste of handmade sweets. They are made in various types as well as sizes. We also provide customization services, where the machines or equipment would be made according to specifications given by the customers.

Latest technology is used to manufacture the Khova making machines and hence the equipment are hygienic and of high quality. Our khoya making equipment is made with extreme precision and care. Our proficiency in this field helps us to manufacture machines that exhibit great performance even in several conditions.

Our khoya making machine is simple in design as well as operation. Here is a list of things that can be done by using our khoya making machine.

  • Prepare khoya from milk
  • Prepare basundi/rabadi
  • Make Khoa burfi, kalakund, kunda, kaju katali, besan laddu, sohan papdi, etc.
  • Roast masala ingredients
  • Boil milk for preparing paneer/curd
  • Prepare condensed milk for ice-cream/kulfi
  • Prepare ghee from cream/butter
  • Prepare concentration of various fruit pulps
  • Prepare ketch-ups, sauces, and corn flour mix
  • Make various ayurvedic syrups, creams, medicines
  • Prepare chocolate mix
Types of Khoya Machines

We provide three types of khoya machines to make different types of sweets and other items too.

Gas Model Khoya Machine:

The gas model or gas fired khoya machine is manufactured by using the best raw material and also by following all the guidelines prescribed to make a functional machine. This machine is available in 60, 130, 180, and 360 liters tub volume. While 130 ltr tubs can be used to boil 110 liters of milk every 30 minutes, the 360 ltrs tub can boil 340 liters milk. This cost effective khoya machine is quite popular in the market.

Steam Operated Tilting Khova Machine :

Khoya Machine available in 60lit, 130lit, 180 lit, 360 lit, 500 lit of volumetric capacities. It is jacketed, insulated heat exchanger made from 16mm thick S.S.plate. Milk is scraped promptly by rotating scrapper. This khoya machine is driven by 1.5 Hp. electric geared motor. It is complete with genuine components like steam trap, safety valve, pressure gauge, air vent and other structures found in S.S. pipes.

Oil Model Khoya Machine:

Oil model or oil fired machine is also used for the production of khoya and other sweets. This machine is available in 60, 130, 180 and 360 liters capacities. Best used for making basundi and rabadi, this khoya machine is easy to use as well as maintain. Oil model based khoya machine has S.S.tub, S.S oil tank and two kerosene/diesel burners. This product is popular because it has been providing long-standing services to the customers for several years.

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